Why I love Takaya

If you read my Yelp review on Takaya Yakitori in Costa Mesa CA you know we frequent this place.   I especially love the atmosphere, the food and the service. Tonight I had a great experience, a lovely couple gave us the privilege of sharing a table. This was after a long day. A very… Continue Reading

Great Cast Iron Recipe.

Made this dish a while back and it was so great, I love the taste of simple ingredients. I never post recipe’s here, mainly since this is a technology blog. But for this one I can make an exception…. One Pot Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Burrata

Texas vacation…

It has been awhile since i had a real Vacation. This christmas we are spending time with family in the dallas fort worth area. We drove here straight , only stopping for fuel and food. Total drive time was around 23 hours. It wasnt too hard since we decided to leave early and switch drivers… Continue Reading

Scientists develop new 3D chocolate printer!

Similar to 3D printers used in prototyping that use layers of resin, this printer uses chocolate instead. The result is precise edible designs made of Chocolate!!! Obviously retailers would love to buy these and make all sorts of custom chocolates. Think of the possibilities! forget simple designs and words, how about faces, animals, places etc…. Continue Reading