Great Cast Iron Recipe.

Made this dish a while back and it was so great, I love the taste of simple ingredients. I never post recipe’s here, mainly since this is a technology blog. But for this one I can make an exception…. One Pot Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Burrata

Windows Phone 8.1 released on Nokia Lumia 1520 first!

Good evening,  I may be a day late on this news, if you own a windows 8 phone and you are pining for the Cortana update known as “Cyan”, your wait is almost over. Microsoft released this back in late april/may and ATT has now begun pushing the updates to the devices. Yes , unlike… Continue Reading

Google challenges occulus rift with “Cardboard”

I ran across this today and thought i would share. Apparently, google is using an android device and cardboard to provide a VR headset.   read the article here:    

Interesting Mashup of Architecture photography

I ran across this Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin;s work and it looks pretty interesting. He shoots buildings around his town of Ghent and then does some photoshop madness to mash them up into impossible (and frickin’ beautiful) structures he calls “Fictions.”   To see more of his work, you can visit his site here:  … Continue Reading

DIY flexible cable ties (CHEAP)

I bought some reusable wire ties from MicroCenter (GearTie was the brand i bought: and cleaned up my cabling quite a bit. In retrospect, it was not very inexpensive and i was thinking there had to be a better alternative. Today on Lifehacker i ran across a DIY showing how to make your own reusable wire… Continue Reading

Impressive Nokia Lumia video taken from a helicopter  Nokia Poland came up with an interesting way to showcase the camera chops of the Lumia 1020. Instead of the typical walk around town, the smartphone boarded a radio controlled copter for a flight around Krakow.  

National Geographic shows off just how awesome the Nokia Lumia 1020 really is!

Award-winning National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture stunning images during a unique storytelling expedition in the iconic America West. Read the story here:

Valve Announces Steam Machine!

Have questions, here are some answers:   Questions! When can I buy one?! Beginning in 2014, there will be multiple SteamOS machines to choose from, made by different manufacturers. I’m pretty happy with my PC Gaming setup, do I have to buy a new piece of hardware now? No. Everything that we’ve been doing on… Continue Reading

What i have been listening to…

If you haven’t heard of “ThePianoGuys” you need to rush over to and listen to this now.   some of my favorites:     OK, back to tech stuff..