Getting list of Zerto protected VM’s via Powershell

Not sure why this is not a simple option in the GUI, but I ran across a way to export the information via powershell, thanks to   Great Blog with VMWARE and Zerto information! Getting a List of VMs by VPG

Connecting to Exchange Online for powershell

Exchange Online PowerShell allows you to manage your Exchange Online settings from the command line. You use Windows PowerShell on your local computer to create a remote PowerShell session to Exchange Online. It’s a simple three-step process where you enter your Office 365 credentials, provide the required connection settings, and then import the Exchange Online… Continue Reading

List of executable file types for Windows, Linux, and OSX

      In my consulting projects and by peer I am often asked for a list of executable file types. At times this is used to create a file screen to prevent potentially dangerous file types from being uploaded to a service or web site. At other times it is used to filter mail… Continue Reading

Excel “Errors were detected while saving (filename). FIXED!

I ran across an issue where a user could not save an excel document that contained VBA projects and links to other data sources.   The error message below was presented when the user tries to save the document: “Errors were detected while saving (filename). Microsoft excel may be able to save the file by… Continue Reading

Citrix – Improving Internet Explorer user experience

I assume if you are reading this you are tired of seeing Internet Explorer eat up CPU cycles on your Citrix farm, hurting other users experience. I usually prefer to keep the browser out of the Citrix Session for security reasons, however in some cases this is not possible. First thing I would recommend is… Continue Reading

Simple fixes to Ransomware in Windows Server environments

If you support a Microsoft Windows Server environment and are looking for some simple strategies to protect against Ransomware, you should consider the following:   DNS filtering services such as Zscaler and ThreatSTOP. Removing Local Admin rights from your users. Implementing File Server Resource Manager on your file servers and creating a file screen to… Continue Reading

ServiceDesk Plus issue with SSO

This one made me almost give up today… Manage Engine Service Desk Plus was prompting the user intermittently when SSO was enabled. In case any of my readers run into this issue after an upgrade, create a new computer account and use a name shorter than 12 characters…   UGH

Fixed: Windows 2008 server “No logon Servers Available”

This was a strange issue, usually resolved with a reboot. The server would not process jobs that were scheduled and when we tried to RDP, it would say ” No logon servers available” The issue was unrelated to Kerberos or time settings, instead it was an exhaustion of available ports to communicate with the domain…. Continue Reading

Deploying Tableau Coordinator Ensemble –help

so this was odd, Tableau server moved to TSM instead of Tabadmin and we kept getting a warning about having a missing coordination ensemble,.. the funny thing is that the help file failed to mention you need to list the cluster nodes in quotations.. fun times.