Telemedicine and Self Diagnosis may be possible sooner than you think.

I ran across this company today that is building what they describe as a “Tricorder” Obviously the founder is a Star Trek fan.

The product aims to overcome the following obstacles or barriers as they call them, “the Final Frontier”

The final frontier. — It’s coming sooner than you think, but we must overcome these 4 barriers.


No needles, no blood, no biopsies.


No urine, no stool, no saliva.


The device cannot contact the body.


The patient must not be presumed to cooperate.


They have a pretty inspirational video on the site, not sure if they have anything real yet, but from what i gathered, watching the video, the “Product” may be an app for the iphone, along with peripherals you would use with the phone.


Watch the video here and let me know what you think: