Creating XenApp 6.5 farm Documentation

I get this request from time to time, and usually start with this when taking on a new client with Citrix XenApp 6.5. Documenting the current state. This helps me understand what I am going to be taking on, and compare and contrast the configuration over time. In the old days different scripts using mfcom… Continue Reading

Unable to reset or log off Citrix XenApp 6.5 user, FIXED!

Ran across this issue today, User had unresponsive session in Citrx, support had tried to log off the user, or reset the session from appcenter. The session would appear to be gone, but reappear after a refresh. After digging a bit, we did not see a session on remote desktop manager, nor did it appear… Continue Reading

MFCOM to Powershell Script Searcher

If you have existing MFCOM scripts and are working on a migrating them over to Powershell, this utility can help by providing corresponding XenApp Powershell commands from an existing MFCOM object or method. This utility searches all existing scripts in a location you define for well known MFCOM objects and methods within the scripts. The… Continue Reading

Interesting Mashup of Architecture photography

I ran across this Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin;s work and it looks pretty interesting. He shoots buildings around his town of Ghent and then does some photoshop madness to mash them up into impossible (and frickin’ beautiful) structures he calls “Fictions.”   To see more of his work, you can visit his site here:  … Continue Reading

Microsoft gives away windows 8 to not for profit companies!

you heard me right, Microsoft has been giving away office365 to non profits for a bit now, and has recently added windows 8 to the list of software available for free to non profit companies. I think this is good move, and I believe they should make it free for basic home use as well…. Continue Reading

Remove rootkit infections with GMER

I ran across this tool today and thought i would share, GMER. According to GMER, “all your rootkits are belong to us [*]”   Seems legit, i removed some malware from my daughters laptop with malware bytes and kept finding some traces, so i ran autoruns, removed anything suspicious and non microsoft from autostarting, disabled any… Continue Reading

Enabling Windows 7 Desktop Experience on XenApp 6.5

Good Morning!, If you were not already aware, you can enable your desktop sessions published on XenApp 6.5 to resemble a Windows 7 Desktop.  By doing this the end user experience will be much better if the users are used to using native Windows 7 Desktop’s. You can follow along with the process to try… Continue Reading

Replacing my Cisco Firewall with PFSENSE!

I have been getting a little bothered by Cisco lately. For starters we have been having all sorts of issues with hardware failure at one of my clients. And even though we have a HA arrangement with the ASA 5545x firewalls, the connections are dropped and the fail-over is far from seamless. I have also… Continue Reading

DIY flexible cable ties (CHEAP)

I bought some reusable wire ties from MicroCenter (GearTie was the brand i bought: and cleaned up my cabling quite a bit. In retrospect, it was not very inexpensive and i was thinking there had to be a better alternative. Today on Lifehacker i ran across a DIY showing how to make your own reusable wire… Continue Reading

Another method of providing HA for microsoft print servers

Good evening, Microsoft used to have a supported method of providing HA for print servers. It utilized MS cluster services and provided a way to guard against an outage on the OS that would interrupt printing for your users. This had been around for some time and was completely abandoned with the release of server… Continue Reading